Interested in volunteering, being a chair or co-chair to an event? We are looking for people who are interested! Please email Toni Moag if you are interested in helping!
Appreciation Committee  
(meets 3-5 times per year)
This committee will be responsible for helping with Thank yous, Teacher Birthday Gifts, Teacher Luncheon (sign up genius), volunteer collection, retiring/new teachers.
Welcome Commitee
(meets summer, aug, sept, oct, feb, mar, april)
Welcoming new families (including kinder families), kinder support, new family welcome, 5th grade transition help
Audit Committee
(meets 1 time per year)
Review financials, confirms proper documentation, confirms checks signed with two signatures, compares cash receipts and deposits to bank statements
Nutrition Committee 
(meets montly, excluding December)
Assists with the implementation of the Pueblo Nutrition Initiative Pilot Program (discussions, newsletter content, ideas, implementation, volunteers for tasting, classroom education etc)
Homeroom Parent
Assists with the communication of information to homeroom parents and organizes class parties.
Pumpkin Patch Event Committee (meets Sept/Oct)
Organizes all event components (food, bounce house, grade level booths, operations, volunteers).
Event Co-Chair or Assistants:
Help organize and implement any event: Game Night, Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Shoppe, Fun Run, Parada de Sol, Read-a-thon, Silent Auction, Fiesta de Pueblo

To be an on campus volunteer, help in your child’s classroom or help on a field trip please follow the steps below for applying.

  1. Go to: The Volunteer/Chaperone application is now online. – Click here to Apply
  2. Watch the video and fill out the acknowledgment questions (legal name, phone, e-mail and school(s))
  3. Click on the button that says “Click here to Apply”
  4. Send an e-mail here, include the subject line : Application to Volunteer Complete and include the name of your student(s), community members not related to a student please note your area of interest in volunteering. Please note this process can take 10 business days. 

Pumpkin Patch

Date: October 27, Co-Chairs: Kristin Graziano and Bianca Shaw
About the Event:
 This is Pueblo’s Fall Festival. Each grade has a booth and there are bounce houses, food, raffle baskets, halloween costume contest, pumpkin decorating display from school wide contest, and Pueblo Dad’s Club operates a haunted house. Volunteers are needed to:

Event set-up  |  Ticket sales  |  Raffle help  |  Help with booths  |  Coordinate inflatables  |  Organize entertainment  |  Serve refreshments  |  Event clean-up

SIGN UP HERE! (Set-up, clean-up and haunted house) SIGN UP HERE! (Ticket sales)

Holiday Shoppe

Date: December 11-15, Chair: Nikki Territo (Accepting Co-Chair*)

About the Event: PTO Holiday Shoppe is a great way for our students to buy gifts thoughtfully while contributing to an in-school fundraiser. Volunteers may be needed to:

Help set-up the shop  |  Help kindergarten and first graders shop  |  Clean-up the shop


Date: TBD, Chair: TBD (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event: All students receive a personalized take home sheet with your child’s login information.  Parents login to your student’s page to set it up. Post it on your social media to let your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. know how they can support your child in our Pueblo Read-A-Thon. Those who would like to support your reader will log into your child’s web page on the Read-A-Thon website and can make a donation. All of the supporters make flat donations in support of the child’s reading project. The number of sessions or minutes read has no bearing on the money raised.  All donations made to support your reader are made online as one-time, lump-sum donations.  The minimum donation is $15.00. Donations can be made with credit cards, debit cards, E checks and PayPal. Every reader keeps 15% of the money that they personally raise to spend on prizes from the Read-A-Thon prize center.  The more the reader raises, the more prizes they can purchase! We are also offering advertising on our Pueblo Read-A-Thon page for as little as $100 to receive an ad on every page on our Read-A-Thon site.  If you know of any companies who would like to advertise please ask them to contact us.  We look forward to you participating in the Pueblo Read-A-Thon and hope this helps encourage students to read while they are on vacation!

Apex Fun Run

Date: February 5-16, 2018, (Fundraising Week) February 14,2018 (Run), Chair: Angela Thomas (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event:
The Apex Fun Run does not have a set date yet. We would like to do it in January or February. The chair would be able to organize a date with the company and the administration that works for everyone. The company basically does everything, you just act as the contact person for the school and help get volunteers for the day of the actual fun run.  We are in need of 4 to 5 volunteers to assist in making banners, hanging streamers, balloons and signs as well as assisting in some general duties prior to the Fun Run.

Field Day

Date: TBD, Chair: Angela Thomas (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event:
Help with the kids as they enjoy a day outside. Volunteers are needed to:

Solicit snack donations  |  Event set-up  |  Help with field games  |  Serve refreshments  |  Event clean-up

Parada del Sol Parade Float

Date: February 2018, Co-Chairs: Robin & Adolfo Castillo and Sara Dickson
About the Event:
 The Parada del Sol Parade is a Scottsdale tradition. Last year Pueblo families and committee members built a float for our students to ride on. This year the float must be assembled and flowers must be re-made. Minor painting touch ups might be needed and we will need kids to fill the float!

Volunteers are needed for:

Helping put the float together  |  Decorations   |  Snacks for float riders and water  |  Marketing to get families to walk alongside the float


Fiesta de Pueblo Family Dinner

Date: April 19, Chair: Jennifer Williams (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event: 
Families come to school to enjoy a fun dinner as well as tour the children’s classroom. Volunteers are needed for:

Food procurement  |  Decorations  |  Event set-up  |  Ticket sales  |  Serving food  |  Event clean-up

Fiesta de Pueblo Book Fair

Date: April 17-19, Chair: Jamie Erbach (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event:
Kids buy books for a discount on this day. Volunteers are needed to:

Promo & market event on campus  |  Arrange for book delivery  |  Event set-up  |  Assist with sales  |  Tear down

Silent Auction & Raffle

Date: TBD, Chair: Missy Foegal (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event: Held in conjunction with the Open House, the Silent Auction & Raffle helps raise needed funds. Volunteers are needed to:

Promo & market event on campus  |  Solicit auction items  |  Advertise auction items  |  Organize auction  |  Oversee auction at event  |  Notify auction winners

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dates: May 7-11, Chairs: Homeroom Parent Coordinators

About the Event: Homeroom Parent Volunteers spearhead this week long event. Volunteers treat teachers like royalty this week. Volunteers are needed to:

Making and serving lunch one day  |  Getting snacks  |  Wrapping and delivering teacher gifts

Pocket Change for Pueblo

Date TBD. Chair: Lauren Green (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event:
 This change drive takes place over the spring and culminates in the counting of the money at the Spaghetti Dinner. Volunteers are needed to:

Count  |  Organize  |  Carry

5th Grade Promotion

Date: May 2018. Co-Chairs: Toni Moag & Cayce Peterson
About the Event:
Fifth grade parents create a special event for 5th graders moving on to junior high. Volunteers are needed to:

Purchase cakes  |  Set-up courtyard  |  Make decorations  |  Make lemonade  |  Serve cake  |  Event clean-up

Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the events above, Pueblo raises funds through different activities. Let us know how you’d like to get involved!  Are you good at event planning or fundraising?  Would you like to help out with food and beverage service or physical labor for events?  Are you available to help during the school day?  If you have questions or would like to volunteer for an event, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Toni Moag, here.

 Goods & Services

Do you own a business or have a special talent or expertise that could benefit our school community?  We welcome “in kind” donations to support various events throughout the year as well as goods and services for our Silent Auction or Raffle. Please let us know!

On-Call Volunteers

If you aren’t sure how you can help, but want to be involved in the future, please email here to be put on the “on-call” list. You will be contacted by event chairs throughout the year and you can let them know if you are available to volunteer.

Family Game Night

Date: August 2018, Chair: TBD (Accepting Co-Chair*)

About the Event: Join your Pueblo community for a fun night of bingo in the school cafeteria. Volunteers are needed to:

Event advertising  |  Event set-up  |  Bingo card sales  |  Food sales  |  Raffle ticket sales  |  Event clean-up

Cookie Dough Sales

Date: September 2018, Chair: TBD (Accepting Co-Chair*)

About the Event: One of Pueblo’s biggest PTO fundraisers is on the horizon. Cookie dough and gift selling will kick off Sept 8th with an all school assembly. Be on the lookout for the brochures and ordering form that will be sent home with the kiddos after the assembly. We are using a new cookie dough and gift vendor this year with exciting new products to choose from and the ability to make purchases online to include out of state family and friends! (Cookie Dough delivery is sometime in early November)

Please consider participating in this huge fundraiser that directly benefits the Pueblo PTO and all our kiddos! Volunteers may be needed to:
Organize orders  |  Organize prizes

Health Screening Day

Date: Tentative September 28, Chair: TBD (Accepting Co-Chair*)
About the Event:
This is on September 28th and runs the whole school day. The chair of this event will work directly with Nurse Rosa to coordinate volunteers for this day. The Nurse needs all hands on deck for this day as it takes many helpers to get approximately 550 students through the various screening stations. No experience is necessary and volunteers are usually coordinated via a sign up genius link.